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Definition of Bullying

Bullying is unprovoked aggressive behaviour, deliberately inflicted by someone of greater power on someone of lesser power. It can be physical (striking, kicking, damaging or taking belongings, etc), verbal (name calling, teasing, insulting, racist remarks), emotional/psychological (spreading rumours, exclusion from social groups, persistent mockery, manipulation of friendship groups, etc). It is quite deliberate and often persistent and involves a power imbalance and appears to be done with an element of enjoyment.

(Adapted from the work of Ken Rigby, Murphy and Lewers)


At Sacred Heart School we believe that when a child is a target of another student it has an impact on that student’s self-belief, self-confidence and personal growth, where their feelings of safety are compromised.


All staff is urged to implement realistic standards of discipline according to the implemented guidelines.

“The procedures outlined in this policy apply to the behaviour of students at school, on the way to and from school and while away from the school site on school endorsed activities. They can also apply outside of school hours where there is a clear and close connection between the school and the conduct of students. This includes the use by a student of social networking sites, mobile phones and/or other technology to threaten, bully or harass another student or a staff member for school related issues.”

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