Sacred Heart Primary Boggabri


School Sport

The children participate in a physical education program. P.E. day is Tuesday and Sports Day is Friday when all children are expected to wear the correct sports uniform. The Year 6 students are allowed to wear their YEAR 6 SHIRTS on these days only.

Sport Teams are :

  • NAMOI – Blue
  • COX  – Gold
Sacred Heart School offers sports programs but their main emphasis is on participation and sportsmanship.

The school’s main sports carnivals are swimming, cross country and athletics.

A variety of other sports are experienced during P.E. sessions. Every attempt is made to involve the children in team sports such as soccer, netball, touch football, however due to restricted numbers of students this is often not possible.

Children have the opportunity to represent the school at:

  • Diocesan carnivals & trials
  • Polding carnivals
  • State PSSA Championships
  • School Sport Australia Championships (in some sports only)

Sports will include swimming, summer trials (cricket for boys, softball for girls, tennis, and basketball), winter trials (rugby league, soccer, netball, hockey, and rugby union), touch football, cross country and athletics. Swimming, cross country and athletics will cater for all children from ages 8 to 13, while the team games will apply only for the older children (Year 6 and outstanding Year 5 students).


Cultural Activities

At Sacred Heart students participate in curriculum based music and drama classes, focusing on performing (singing, playing, moving), organising sound and listening. The children are given the opportunity to be involved in Dance Spectaculars in both Narrabri & Gunnedah were a dance instructor has been employed to choreograph dances. The older children have also been taught how to play the ukulele by a local man.

Children at Sacred Heart also have the opportunity to be involved in Choral Speech as a whole school at the Gunnedah Eisteddfod. Some children also elect to participate in individual sections of the Eisteddfod.

All students are encouraged to participate in the Small Schools Public Speaking Competition held in Boggabri annually. This is part of their Talking and Listening criteria which is incorporated in their English Program.

Sacred Heart also exhibit at the Gunnedah Show displaying a theme that the students are learning about or work they have accomplished throughout the year.



From Kindergarten to Year 6, all children at Sacred Heart have the opportunity to experience a diverse range of excursion opportunities throughout the year.

All excursions are organised to enhance teaching and learning and bring the curriculum alive for children.

The following are examples of excursions at Sacred Heart:

  • Environmental Excursions
  • Farm Excursions
  • Day trip to hospitals, nursing homes and local attractions
  • Day trip to local Landmarks and exhibitions
  • Day trips to concerts and performances
  • Day trips (K-2) to Kennedy Air / Train Trip / Bus Trip as part of their Transport Unit in H.S.I.E
  • 3-day trip (Yr 3-5) to Lake Keepit Sport and Recreation Camp / Warrumbungles National Park / Bathurst Gold Mines / Dubbo Attractions
  • 5 day trip (Yr 6 joining with another school) exploring Canberra



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