Sacred Heart Primary Boggabri

Sacred Heart Primary Boggabri

Welcome to our Sacred Heart Community.  By choosing to send your child to Sacred Heart you will be sharing in an atmosphere where Faith, Hope, Love and Care are vital and living realities.  We are concerned with the overall development of each individual with specific emphasis on academic, spiritual and physical education.

As the first educators of your children, you are unique and sacred people in their lives.  Long after our role as teachers/educators concludes, you will continue to be vital people in the lives of your children.

As your child’s formal education begins you are invited to work with the school, in a variety of ways, for the benefit of your child.

Parents and the school take on the task of revealing God to all people and showing children what God is really like. If we can answer this call we will be giving our children hope for the future and a solid path to follow.  It is a joint venture that calls us all to follow the truth.

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