Sacred Heart Primary Boggabri

School Fees

The Principal and the School Advisory Council reassess the school fees each year. They are reassessed to keep in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Accounts are sent out in Week 3 of each term and payment is due within a 30 day period.

Annual, termly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments can be made at the Office or via our Direct Debit Payment system with ADIG or Centrepay, for those who wish this type of payment (please ask at the Office for more details).

School fees include a Tuition Fee, Book Fee, School Care Insurance & Building Levy

The Tuition Fees is charged each term with the Book Fee invoiced with Term 1 fees, School Care Insurance invoiced with Term 2 fees & Building Levy invoiced with Term 3 fees and only the Tuition Fee is invoiced in Term 4.

N.B. If your child/ren leaves the school during the year, the School Building Levy will still be invoiced to you accordingly with payment to be made on their transfer.

If anyone has any concerns regarding payment of School Fees they should contact the Principal so that arrangements can be discussed.

An $8/child per year is levied for the 24 hr School Care Insurance – if you don’t pay your fees, your child is not covered

The 2021 School Fee Schedule is;

Tuition Fees per term

1 child – $270

2 children – $465

3 children – $575

Scheduled Payments

Book Fee (issued in Term 1) – $65 per child

Building Levy (issued in Term 2) – $70 per family

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