Sacred Heart Primary Boggabri

Mission Statement


Aim of Sacred Heart School encourages children and staff to grow as persons within the Catholic tradition. The school will provide a safe, supportive environment where students will participate in a quality education program. Students will be immersed in values, social skills and quality learning which will enable them to contribute to society.


The image we are striving to create for Sacred Heart School Sacred Heart School community members share a sense of pride, ownership and belonging. Staff and students are engaged learners and decision makers who are valued and respected. All students are encouraged to strive to reach their full potential.


A shared belief about what we feel is important to Sacred Heart School

RESPECT – Valuing oneself and others, and respecting difference and diversity.

HONESTY – Being honest to yourself and others.

RESPONSIBILITY – Listen, work and do the right thing.

KINDNESS – Thoughtfulness towards others, being compassionate.

CO-OPERATION – Displaying teamwork, encouragement, helping others.

PERSEVERANCE – Being positive, persistent and willing to take risks – Having Fun!

TOLERANCE – Treat others as you would like to be treated.


Created by the Sacred Heart School Community as part of its Values Forum: August 2007

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