Sacred Heart Primary Boggabri

School Mass

All children attend the School Mass each Wednesday at 11:30am or to celebrate special events.

Teachers are encouraged to have Liturgies in classrooms at various times. Each class will be involved in the preparation of Mass and will do the readings, offertory etc.

Sacramental Program

Catholic children are prepared at school for the following Sacraments:

Reconciliation (Penance) – Year 2
  • Reconciliation gives understanding of God’s forgiveness.
Eucharist – Year 3
  • Eucharist deepens the child’s awareness of Jesus as a personal friend.
Confirmation – Year 6
  • Confirmation widens the child’s knowledge of the Reality and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


The Sacraments are important stages in growth of the Faith Life of the child.Sacraments

Children who are not Catholics take part in the preparation and are encouraged to participate in the Celebrations, but do not receive the Sacraments.


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