Sacred Heart Primary Boggabri

Our School

Sacred Heart School is a co-educational Catholic Primary School administered by the Armidale Catholic Schools Office.

It consists of dedicated, trained staff and is supported by the Parish Priest.

In applying to send your child to this Catholic School, you have openly affirmed your belief in the basic values of a Christian Education. The school strives to support the parents in their endeavour to see that this development takes place in light of true Gospel Values.

A Catholic school is a faith community of children, staff, parents and parish who witness to a Gospel climate of freedom and charity.

Sacred Heart provides ample opportunity for spiritual, sporting and intellectual experiences, which will assist the children in their overall development so they become responsible members of society. A key component of our teaching is Religious Education, where the traditions, values and doctrine of the Catholic Faith are taught. As with the other Key Learning Areas, it is expected that all children will take part.

Catholic schools were founded and exist to help Catholic parents educate their children in the Catholic Faith. All other benefits that may be found in Catholic Schools are outcomes from this basic premise and not justifications for these schools. Both parents and the school community must never lose sight of the fact that Catholic Schools exist to ensure that education includes, and has as its foundations, the Catholic Faith.

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