Sacred Heart Primary Boggabri

Student Attendance

Regular attendance at school is vital as it affects school work and social adjustment (attitudes to school). Absences are a handicap to a child’s progress. However, home is the best place for a really sick child.

If a student is to be away from school, a phone call is appreciated on that day to inform teachers of your child’s whereabouts. A formal notification is required by way of a signed and dated note (written or emailed is acceptable) as soon as your child returns to school. This note must have the student’s full name, date of absence and reason for absence.If this note is not received within a 7 day period after their absence, the absence will be recorded as an ‘Unexplained Absence’.

Parents requesting‘prepared work’ for a child requiring an extended absence should inform teachers as early as possible (but at least two days prior) to allow suitable activities to be organised.

If your family is planning a family holiday during the school term (which should only be taken if completely necessary), and is more than 10 days, an ‘Application for Exemption’ form should be completed and approved by the Principal prior to the leave. This leave, if approved, will not be recorded as an absence in the roll.

Please ask at the office for this ‘Application for Exemption’ Form

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