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Transition Program

Sacred Heart is committed to providing quality education to its students in a safe, positive, learning environment.

We will cater for the needs of students and families by providing an extended Transition Program for children entering Kindergarten the following year, free of charge.

The Kindergarten Transition Program will be co-ordinated and facilitated by experienced an experienced teacher. Students will be supported to become independent in a multi-stage classroom through interaction with the K-2 cohort and the routine of  a day at school.

When will the Transition Program run?

The program will run each Friday commencing Week 5, Term 1 and continues until Week 4, Term 4 (during school terms).

Why should I include my child in an extended Transition Program?                                     

Some of the benefits of experiencing an extended transition to school are:

  • Children become more familiar with staff, students and the school environment.
  • Children are gradually exposed to the different expectations of ‘big school’.
  • Staff are able to identify learning styles and individual needs of students prior to the commencement of Kindergarten allowing programs to be developed if required.
  • Children are paired with an older ‘buddy’ who provides friendship and support.
  • Enhances transition to school through consistent curriculum delivery.
  • Transition particularly supports students who have not attended pre-school or have minimal time socialising with other children due to isolation.
  • Parents will be supported in preparing their children for formal learning.

Parent Information Session                                                                                                                                                  

A Parent Information Session is held late in Term 4 of previous year, before the commencement of the Transition Program to give parents an overview of the program.

Expression of Interest                                                                                                                                                   

If your child in eligible to start school next year and you are interested in the Sacred Heart School Transition Program, please contact the school office to express your interest and you will be sent information regarding the commencement of the program.


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