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What is it?

Anaphylaxis is a severe and sudden allergic reaction.

It can occur when a susceptible person is exposed to an allergen (such as food or insect sting). An anaphylactic reaction always requires an emergency response. Prompt treatment with injected adrenaline is required to halt progression and can be life saving.


Sacred Heart School encourages children to grow as persons within the context of the Catholic School. This belief is expressed in the School Mission Statement. It is within the belief and the duty of care that Sacred Heart School takes reasonable steps to keep students safe while they attend school.

School Commitment

Staff at Sacred Heart is committed to provide a convenient and reliable method of managing a child at risk of anaphylaxis within the school and also provide support to assist the parent in the management of their child’s health. We are committed to establish a framework whereby the administering of any necessary medication is facilitated and recorded in the appropriate manner.


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