Sacred Heart Primary Boggabri

Year 3-4

Welcome to the 3-4 Classroom

Mrs Katie Goddard and Mr Dallas Hyatt are sharing the Yr 3/4 class. Mrs Goddard will be teaching Monday, Tuesday and every second Wednesday while Mr Hyatt will be teaching every alternate Wednesday and every Thursday and Friday.


Homework is sent home on Wednesday (along with children’s home readers) and will be collected every Monday. The fortnightly spelling tests will take place every second Friday. It is expected that every child completes their homework and hands it in on-time.


It is important that your child reads every night. It doesn’t have to be a book, it can be a magazine, newspaper,etc. This is an important part of their overall language development.


Students should take pride in their work, so all workbooks should be covered. When covering your child’s books in decorative paper please also use a plastic book cover or contact to give it a longer life. The covering and labelling of your child’s books makes it easier when handing out and collecting in class.

School Supplies

At the beginning of the year students should have 4 x lead pencils, ruler, eraser, coloured pencils, glue and scissors.  We ask that you replace these when it becomes necessary. A note will be sent out when your child requires equipment.

Students will be required to bring in a paint shirt (labelled with their name on it) to avoid paint on school clothing. It would also be appreciated if every child could bring in a box of tissues for the class to share.

Library Bags

Library is every Thursday and students MUST have a library bag to be able to borrow books from the library.


P.E. / Sport

P.E. is held on Tuesday afternoon and Sport on Friday afternoon. Students are required to wear their sports uniform on these days.


Help your child stay safe in the sun by ensuring they have their school hat everyday and by wearing sunscreen.

No hat equals no play.

Please label all your child’s uniform, hat, lunch box, bag etc clearly with their name to help minimise lost property and encourage them to put all of their things back in their bag when they have finished eating or take clothing off.

Days to Remember:

Monday  Handing in Homework
Tuesday Banking; P.E. – wear sports clothes
Wednesday  Mass
 Thursday  Library
Friday  Sports Day – wear sports clothes; Canteen

Children will need to bring their piece of fruit each day for fruit break.  



Parent involvement is important and if you would like help in the classroom for either Mathematics or English please let us know.



If you have any concerns about your child’s work or any incident in the classroom or playground that may be troubling them please come and see us straight away or ring the school. We cannot help if we do not know if there is trouble brewing. All children have the right to be happy at school!


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