Public Speaking Day

During the last fortnight we have seen a number of students rehearsing their prepared speech and also developing skills associated with impromptu speeches. Next Wednesday 23rd September, Sacred Heart will be hosting its Annual Small Schools Public Speaking Day. As mentioned previously, due to the current restrictions associated with COVID-19, the competition is only open to students at Sacred Heart Primary and unfortunately unlike previous years, parents are not allowed to watch their children perform their prepared and impromptu speeches. Hopefully everything will be back to normal this time next year, where we will be able to invite parents/grandparents and the other small schools in the region to participate in this event. This year we are very lucky to have some representatives from the Catholic Schools Office judging some of the sections. We know they are going to have to make some very difficult decisions on this day. Again thank all teachers for the large amount of time that they have devoted to ensure our students are prepared for this day, most especially to Mrs Howarth for coordinating this event.